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October 6th, 2011

BTS Party Bus to Paper Diamond w Minnesota at Ogden Theater, Denver

by admin

Bus to Show (

Paper Diamond w Minnesota

at Ogden Theater (Denver)

Click here for departure times and locations

  • All BTS Busparties are round-trip unless otherwise noted (usually in the event or ticket title).
  • WAITLIST…If the bus you are after is full, put your name on the waitlist and we’ll do call backs/email backs in the order you sign up.  ((CLICK HERE)) to get on the list.
  • Reserving your spot early helps ensure that this bus will pop off.  So does telling all your friends…and enemies.  If we don’t have enough reservations (usually between 10 and 20 riders depending on resource availability), there is a chance we might have to cancel this bus or combine it with another trip.  Please check your email and phone frequently prior to the event to make sure you are up to speed on any last-minute changes.  We’ll do our best to give you more than a day’s notice of any changes.  You can also get the most recent information by referencing the Database of Departure Times & Locations (aka the Public Bus Party Schedule) (above).  Trust us, we hate canceling buses, almost as much as you hate having them canceled, so let’s work together and try to get everyone we know and don’t know to ride safely to and from the show with us.
  • Like the trial membership?  Love the monthly.  All you can handle TBF events and merch including free busparties on any TBF bus.  Enroll here If you are trying to reserve a spot on this bus, go ahead and do that first, then enroll in the monthly membership. Once your membership is processed we will issue you a membership code and refund any trial memberships you have purchased for events that fall between the date you paid for your monthly membership and the end of the month you sign up for.
  • Got more questions?  You’re not the first.  Please read our FAQs before bombarding our one, single, poor, defenseless, swamped, and overwhelmed customer service representative with questions that have already been answered publicly.
  • If you have already reserved your spot, or if the buses are full, but you are still in need of tickets for the actual show, please email and we might be able to assist.


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May 14th, 2011

Wolfgang Gartner & Felix Cartal @ the Ogden Theatre 5/13

by PJ Nutting

Ah… another great night of dance music. You see plenty of electronic shows and it all starts to sound the same; and then you see a few more and you realize that each one hits you a little differently. You can say the same thing about wine. When you get a perfect fit, the various courses of your dinner just seem to mingle on your tongue like it was meant to be.
Felix Cartal and Wolfgang Gartner playing together were like a heavy cabernet and a thick, seasoned filet mignon, and the obvious direction I’m going with this is that everyone ate it up. I had plenty of expectations going into the Ogden, and the one I was dreading was that dubstep would find its way into last night’s show as well. Let’s be honest, continuing to oversaturate dubstep would be like taking that delicious steak, cooked to perfection and served with distinction, then throwing some hot sauce on it. I love hot sauce, but it only makes bad food taste a lot better. I’m starting to feel the same way about the obvious and overplayed trends in electronic music, and by that I mean I’m tired of dubstep.
So what a relief it was to walk into Felix’s set and be comforted by a steady rave pulse, a feeling I thought I’d lost after Deadmau5 made trance the hot new shit. Based on the Felix Cartal I have on my iPod, I assumed he was an advocate of having a MSTRKRFT crunch (who he recently opened for), and I went in expecting a more distorted electro noise but was surprised with heavy trance. Pretty standard rave fare: no vocals and as little melody as possible; one-note build, filter, drop, repeat.
That sounds really boring when put into words, but rave music by definition is repetitive. It’s about having a constant throb driving the dance groove and letting every little bit of the song soak into the crowd, and not necessarily about coming up with catchy melodies or blasting people away. More importantly, it was great energy for an opening act, and hands were up all over the first half of the venue as the second half began to pack up.
Mr. Cartal himself had surprisingly relaxed, sober stage energy, especially when I expected unadulterated bangers all night. He was not trying to personally outdo the crowd energy, and even at the peaks of his songs he simply gestured outwards toward the crowd. Once again, that sounds lame as hell, but it was impressive to watch him completely engage the crowd while wasting no unnecessary movement on stage. but got hands up with a groove that was mellow yet heavy. If it were me opening for Wolfgang Gartner, I would have brought it as hard and crunchy as possible, but just like his simple hand gestures, Felix did exactly what was needed.
I also thought I knew exactly what to expect from Wolfgang. He has that trademark style based on tons of melody driving a patchwork orchestra of squelch and squonk. Right away, he established dominance with a fidget-style siren, Cassius’ “I <3 U” and bass that was WAY too loud. I was wearing earplugs, and the low-end was blinding to my ears as well.
I wanted to blame the Ogden’s sound guy, but after a while I realized that clarity wasn’t as important for Wolfgang’s live show and not important at all to the crowd. He’s indisputably one of the best DJ’s in the world right now, and the packed venue of diehards wanted the most clear reason possible to wave their hands and jump around. Even if Wolfgang’s production is really based on tight engineering, cranking it past the limit proved to be a smart decision.
I really love that a DJ named Wolfgang is such a champion of classical music. You may or may not know what a V-I chord change is, but it’s something that Wolfgang is bringing back and as a classical musician I totally dig that. It isn’t easy to notice, because that graceful movement from the major 7th up to the tonic is swallowed up by some one-note nasty, and that’s what draws the real reaction. “Wolfgang’s Fifth” is an obvious example, and when he mashed it up with Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” you start to see counterpoint in a whole new way.
He didn’t leave out any hits and water was going everywhere. Stage security squirted it at the crowd through a hole in the bottle’s cap and into thirsty mouths, and by the end of the night, mobs of full bottles rained down from the second floor. The crowd caught every note of every song. By the end of the night, I swear that every hand was in the air. If you ask someone what they thought about the show, they usually say something pretty meaningless like “That was the sickest shit ever!” Last night, I think I actually believed it.

August 6th, 2013

Featured Member: Shelby Elmore

by Nate King
As part of an ongoing series, Bus To Show would like to spotlight the people who make up our community. Meet Shelby Elmore!
What Bus To Show branch have you worked for?

Just the Boulder one.
Why should anyone come to Colorado for shows?

Red Rocks. It’s breathtaking, unlike anything else. and it’s in our backyard!
Besides Red Rocks, what are some of your favorite concert venues?

Well if you want “Bass in your Face” then Beta. However, I really like Belly up in Aspen, The Ogden theater in Denver, and of coarse i have love for Boulder theater because its in my hometown and only a few blocks from my apartment!
Is there anything unique about the Colorado live-concert community?

Well I can honestly say every other person in Colorado I talk to claims to be a Dj or Producer and parties rarely miss out on having a live Dj. I am not sure you can find that anywhere else!
How did you first hear about Bus To Show?

I had heard about it sometime last summer but didn’t actually ride bus to show until New Years.
If you could describe our service in three words, what would they be?

Have. Some. Fun.
How did you get involved with chaperoning busses with the organization?

I was hooked up by some of the dudes who Dj’ed and worked for Bus to Show last summer. 
What is your advice for a first time rider?

It’s more fun when you stand up to dance!
Musical act that everyone NEEDS to know about:

My boys Be.Good and saVage. They are producers out of Boulder starting to crush it in the music scene.
Best concert you have seen, and your single most memorable concert experience:

Best concert was Nero. It was at a little venue in Denver but it was incredible seeing their lead singer, Alana Watson, come on stage and do live vocals. Most memorable was my first concert ever; Christina Agulira/Pussy Cat Dollz/Danity Kane at the Pepsi center with my mom when I was 14. It was epic.
A big thanks to Shelby for answering our questions. If you see her on an upcoming bus party, say hello!
October 5th, 2011

Letters from the Ghost Chief: Volume Whatever: A Universe with a Mustache: 2011-NOV-02

by admin

Letters From the Ghost Chief

Volume Whatever: A Universe with a Mustache

Dearest Warriors.

Let me just start by stating the obvious: A fact that is so blatantly apparent that not addressing it right off the bat it is going to make things get really awkward as we continue this letter.  Kind of like when Brett has something in his mustache, like a big thing of orange juice pulp, you want to tell him, but it’s so mesmerizing that you don’t and then he just keeps talking on and on about Ken Wilber and the Integral Naked people, and now it looks like it’s going to drip off of his mustache, but it’s just hanging there, and he goes on talking and then you can’t tell him anymore because now it would be weird that it was bothering you for so long and you never said anything…..ANYWAY, no you don’t have orange juice pulp in your mustache… But the thing I have to tell you before this goes any further is:


EVERYONE LOOKS GREAT TONIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!! Seriously.  Wow.  Like, so fine!  All of you!  It’s pretty ridiculous.

So a lot’s changed since last I rapped at ya, but that’s the nature of the beast, as they say.  Point being, this is going to be a nice and informative read for you.  Why don’t we start with a quick thank you to our generous sponsors, listed in approximated order of generosity?  Want to help us save the world?  You can sponsor a rider’s trial membership for $25.  And we’ll give it away in a highly publicized contest so that everyone will know that it was your organization that put their money where there mouth was to reduce intoxicated driving.


Ben Gleason aka Glucose Music (Donated a propane Bus named Captain Majestic)

Grassroots California (National)

Bassnectar (National)

Sub.Mission (Denver)

Ogden Theatre (Denver)

Bluebird Theatre (Denver)

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver)

Larimer Lounge (Denver)

Avery Brewing Company (Boulder)

Gothic Theatre (Denver)

Elm and Oak (Boulder)

Kappa Alpha Theta (Boulder)

Alpha Phi (Boulder)

Polaris Presents (Austin)

C3 Presents (Austin)

Sigma Pi (Boulder)

Savory Cusines Catering (Boulder)

Pi Phi (Boulder) (National)

Wear The Party (Boulder) (Denver)

PAPER DIAMOND is playing Ogden Theatre 11/05/11

This promises to be of the most important shos of the season.  Why?  Well, if you saw the set at Re:Generation this summer, you would know the answer.   This Veteran of the Colorado, and National electronic music scenes is throwing down at Ogden Theater this Friday, November 4th.   We have listened to this his musical creations under many names, including  the Pnuma Trio and Alex B, and now the newest incarnation of  his musical mastery: PAPER DIAMOND.  He will be accompanied by none other than Minnesota, Sorry for Partying, and Raw Russ.  Get ready for the most refined electro/dub to blow your mind since a long, long time ago.

(FISK AKA Treethugger of Fresh to Death is going to slay this bus on the way down from Boulder for Old Time’s Sake) Click photo to reserve.

Alex B atop the Warrior when Paper Diamond was but a twinkle in his eye

Reserve your bus spots here:

Listen/free download here:

Join the fb event here:

Buy tickets here:

Oh, and Texas kids…so as not to leave you out of the conversation he’s coming to The Parish in Austin on Nov. 18th.   Yeah, we’ll be doing party buses out of SM for this.  See you there!

11/11/11 SAVOY with Polish Ambassador at Fillmore (Denver)

I remember back in 2008…or maybe it was 2007, hauling ass in a the Warrior after the Disco Biscuits at The Fillmore., trying to get back in time catch Chill Fantastic and Savoy at The Waka Winter Classic at Trilogy in Boulder…(Now Shug’s).  We had most of Chill Fantastic’s fans on the bus, so they all piled in the door in time to vote, but there was nothing anyone could do to compete with Savoy’s soynd.  They had spent the last several month’s in the Lab..quite literally in the Green Spirit Productions Lab, learing everything there was to learn about electronic music production from one of Boulder’s true seminal figures, Ryan Nelli.

Gray Smith of Savoy…After his set on the Warrior, The words, “Can I get
some action from the back section?” were permanently inscribed in the ceiling.


Shirley, Brett has your skateboard.  On Halloween, he used it to throw a mobile danceparty on that bridge that goes over highway 36 at the 1stbank Center after the Skrillex show.  Yeah.  He took a marine battery off the bus and hooked it to an inverter and then plugged in the speaker, and rolled that contraption up to the elevator to get on the bridge.  Next thing you know, a get down was happening.  It was pretty chill.  You should probably pick it up before he takes his show on the road.  If anyone else has lost anything on a bus, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it back to you



Well, we lost Mike Johnston. I mean, he’s still alive and everything, but he just isn’t working directly with us anymore.  What can I say? Mike started here because he is a good friend, and knew that he could help us get certain things of the ground.   He always said that it would only be for a short time, but he stayed for over a year.  In that time, Mike almost single-handedly developed our Community Integrations Department.  Mike, thank you so much for all of the great work you did and all of the relationships you initiated on behalf of our organization.  We wish you the absolute best in your pursuits.  Of course his legacy remains, and if you are wondering about sponsoring a rider or a bus on behalf of your company, or hosting a membership drive, or working out collaborative promotions, you can still get in touch at  And if there are any Headhunters or employers reading this, with 6 figure salaries to offer: hint, hint, wink: Mike Johnston is like a Star Trek Phaser set to AMAZE, and he is not afraid to shoot you in the face with it.

Whenever a star explodes, it gives birth to new universes.   And now we are blessed to receive a new universe.  A new universe with a hilarious mustache that loves to dance and drive buses non-stop.  His name is Brett Banfe, and he is the single-most unshakeable source of good moods and fun times I have ever met.  He’s also pretty goddamn brilliant, and we’re really excited to see how he will apply his wealth of positivity to better our organizations.  Brett’s Job Title:  Director of Applied Consciousness.  Love him well.

Right now, I am handling reservations, scheduling, and promotions and getting ready to work with Tawny on her new position within the community integrations department.  Essentially, everyone’s favorite Dino-Costume-Wearing Party Mamma is going to be working hard to encourage companies and individuals to sponsor (pay for) trial and monthly memberships, so that these don’t get in the way of people making the decision to ride safe with us.

Oh yeah, and if you want to do stuff to people for cookies, hit us up, because we are hiring drivers:



What do you guys think of this idea for a slogan: “Now you can party the pounds away with WHOMPSERCISE!!!!!!! “  …Too much?  Yeah? No?  PJ Nutting, Godlazer, and Johnny Addleman, with help from the FLY GIRLS and K’s China and a slew of DJs are launching Whompsercise…our weekly dubstep aerobics session and donation-based fund raiser for The Basics Fund.  It happens Fridays at K’s China during Face-Melt Fridays.  Want to lead a sesh?  DJ?  Just rage with us?  To stay up on changes email with WHOMPSERCISE in the subject line.



Because it just got LAID…out.. I mean, we just re-layed it out?  We just gave it a new layout?  Whatever, you get the point.

The most noticeable change is the listening column. This gives you the opportunity to listen to a featured track by the headliners of almost every show that is coming to town, all without ever leaving the comfort of the bus to show site.

Another change:  the On-Board-Artist column. I know, I know, finally, right?  Well, it’s not that we didn’t think of it a long time ago, because we did.  It’s just that it’s hard to do all the things we think of as fast as we think of them because there’s so much other stuff that we already thought of that we have to do first.  Anyway, now there is one.  So you can link to listening pages for any of the artists that are playing our buses.   And guess what else?  You actually get to have a say in the matter.  If you are checking to see who is playing on a bus, but we haven’t booked anyone yet, or haven’t gotten around to posting who we’ve booked yet, then instead of seeing a DJs name in that column, you’ll see a link to a form where you can vote for the artist you would like to have on board.   This form has links to streaming files for most of the artists that play our buses frequently.  There is also a column for OTHER, so you can write in a DJ.  If you do this, please send us links to their work, because although we are pretty on top of who is making music in the area, you may as well make it easy on us.  We also have a soundcloud drop box, if you search for the group called “DJ On Board”  You’ll find it.

A link to our Schedule Details spreadsheet is now on the calendar….ON EVERY SINGLE ROW of the calendar, even though it’s the same link to the same spreadsheet, this little feature has already all but eliminated the need for us to have a phone line or even an email address for that matter.  It’s been kind of boring though, not having the phone ring at 4 AM, with someone on the other end asking about what time the bus leaves.  My bad for not doing this sooner.

Another link, in the Reservations column, exists so that if we haven’t gotten around to creating the actual reservations page, you can still fill out this form so that we can get in touch with you when the page is posted.  This way, hopefully the bus doesn’t fill up before you check back..  …But check back anyway, because what if we forget to send the email?  It’s not perfect, but it’s better and , it lessens the odds of you missing out.

Past Events Tab. Well, since we are putting so much more time into posting links to music, it would be a shame to just have it be deleted as soon as the show is done…especially for the on-board artists.  Cuz we know they’re going to kill it, and you’re going to be like, who was that badass DJ on the bus last night…now you can go find out.

Reservations page: Well, we made it super simple and straight-forward.   Also, now, if you’re reserving for a group of people, you don’t have to spend all day writing down everyone’s phone number.  We just trust that you’re going to be the group leader and make sure you can call your friends if they get separated during the show.


So, we finally moved to Austin, Texas a week or two ago, me, my lovely bride, Laura, and my lovely cat, Fran-fran.  The reason for this:  part of our plot to take over the world and rid it of intoxicated driving forever by throwing raging busparties in every city of every state.   AND THEN, BUILDING A PARTY BUS THAT IS BIGGER THAN THE WHOLE WORLD, so that everyone on the planet is constantly raging the biggest busparty in the universe.!!!!! Thanks very much to Austen Bailey, Nick Shirley, Julia Bentley, Jon Kahn, and Jeff Kahn, as well as Polaris Presents, C3 Presents, and Score More Shows, who provided us with the support, encouragement and inspiration to leave everything we’ve ever known and try to start it all again, here in the Lone Star State!

Alright, kiddies.  There you have it.  I spilled my guts for you.  See you on the buses!


Love with every chamber of this 4-chambered Heart,


Dustin Huth

CEO/Ghost Chief

Bus to Show

The Basics Fund

February 10th, 2011

Letters from the Ghost Chief: The New Current Fantasy

by admin

Dear BTS and TBF Constituents,

Hello and greetings from Earth…a fantasy world that is every bit as amazing as you have the creative capacity to imagine.  Everyone looks great! Thanks for coming out.  Put your reading pants on, kiddies.  I gots a lot of good things to say to you.

So, here it is, the new current fantasy:  The Basics Fund and BTS Welcome: BoomBox!!!! I don’t know if everyone remembers/knows this, but I am huge fan of BoomBox.   The first time they came through CO (at least it was the first time they came through since I had heard of them), I pitched the idea of writing a story on them to Brian F. Johnson at the Marquee Magazine.  He was able to put me in touch with the band’s management, and shortly thereafter I had one of the best, most insightful interviews of my writing career.  We got down to the dirty murky mucky mud of it.  Art. Context.  The point of music in the first place.  To create a sense of place.   And in this case a place you could dance in.  Or couldn’t stop dancing in, as it were.  A philosophy embodied in sound.  Nothing lost in translation.  Raw.  Elemental.  BoomBox.  Russ Randolf and Zion Rock Godcheaux.  Dead family scion.  Son of Donna Jean and Keith.   But they wanted to downplay that whole legacy side-story.  Understandably.  Let this music earn its own keep.  Inheriting only the unavoidable cross-over.   And one of Jerry’s guitars.  And maybe a slight reincarnation of that effortless presentation.  Anyway.  The interview was great.  We hit it off.  Saw eye to eye.  And during the conversation, I happened to let slip this whole thing that I was working on.  The Basics Fund.  It was a newborn baby then and I talked about it all the time to everyone.  Bus to Show, wasn’t even thought of as a separate organization.  That whole deal was still just a Twinkle in me and Charlie’s eyes.   And anyway, BoomBox offered us the chance to partner up in promoting buses to their shows.  Wholesale tickets to sell as a fund raiser, and a booth inside the venue.  It was the first time a nationally touring act gave us this kind of a hand-up.  Granted, it was the first time we had ever asked.  Flash forward 3 years.  BoomBox’s 2nd album is out.  Downriver Electric.  And, we get an idea.  The Semiotic Sessions, our artist interview concept.  An attempt to get people talking deeply about art they deeply cared for..  We’ve done it once before…with Signal Path on CU campus, interviewed by Ryan Nelli of GSP.   Amazing turnout.  Amazing content.  Would BoomBox be down to investigate the true nature of their art,  in the form of a guided discussion in front of a live audience (consisting of people like you…just exactly like you) at CU on February 25th at 5 PM?  I don’t know.  They surprised us before with their down-ness to Earth.  Their chillness.  Their going with the flow: downriver steadily.  Electrically.  Not unlike their music.  Maybe it’s possible.  Doesn’t hurt to ask.  So we asked.  And guess what…They said yes!

And as a result, this February 25th,  2011 (that’s a Friday), just before their sold out Show at The Fox,  The Basics Fund will be welcoming BOOMBOX to the 2nd installment of The Semiotic Sessions, live artist interview series.  A hopeless attempt to use something as abstract as words to describe something as abstract as art.   Oh yeah, and it’s FREE!  –Thanks to our CU student group and the Cultural Events Board.  Reserve your spot below.  There’s a link somewhere down there.  You’ll see it.  Space is limited.  Seats will go fast.  There’s a link below to reserve.

As if this weren’t enough, the night before (Thurs. Feb. 24th), BoomBox will also be throwing a VIP hangout sesh for BTS Bus Riders ONLY!  upstairs at the Bluebird before their show.

Ask and ye shall motherfunkin receive!

Sorry.  Got excited.  Here’s the table of contents for this month’s letter.

1. BoomBox partners with Bus to Show and The Basics Fund for 3 nights of music, discussion, and parties

2. The Buffalo Exchange Donates to The Basics Fund, through its “Tokens for Bags” program

3.  Welcome to the Tribe, Senor Johnston, The Michael Johnston of the Future.

4. The Elusive Silver Streak bus is back and ready for your VIP busparty endjoyment. **Available to monthly members only (so become one, already, geez).

5. Top Sponsors: Fresh2Death and Grassroots California.

6. Upcoming Bus Calendar

1. The BoomBox Run:

02/24 Thursday at the Bluebird (denver)

  • BoomBox is inviting BTS riders to a Riders Only VIP Hangout Sesh. Kick it upstairs at the Bluebird with Russ and Zion and members of the BoomBox camp. The bus for this will leave Boulder a little earlier, at 6:00 PM. The hangout sesh is 7 PM to 8 PM. We will also offer a later bus to make sure that people who can’t make it to the pregame can still make it to the show. Anyone who reserves for any of the BoomBox buses during this run, including (Denver to Boulder at the Fox) are invited to join. Advanced Reservation Required.

02/25 Friday The Basics Fund Presents: Semiotic Sessions Lecture Series w. BoomBox @ CU campus.

  • Before the sold out show at The Fox, BoomBox is participating in the 2nd installment of The Basics Fund’s lecture series, The Semiotic Sessions. CEO and Ghost Chief of the Basics Fund, and widely published Music Journalist, Dustin Huth (aka me), will be interviewing Russ and Zion of BoomBox live and in person on CU campus in an effort to better understand their art, their perspective on their art, and the context of their art within contemporary movements.

Reserve Here: This event is free for those who reserve in advance. Cost is $2 at the door.

02/26 Saturday BoomBox @ Bluebird

So, an extra night of BoomBox @ Bluebird was just added in response to demand.  BTS is following suit, and offering another night of buses.  There is also a pre-party in Denver at the bar down the street from the Bluebird called Lost Lake Lounge .  Party starts at 7 PM, so BTS will be offering a 6 PM bus for this one, as well as the later leaving bus that will head directly to the show.  reserve online at

2. The Buffalo Exchange…Exchange

So, you know that rad recycled clothing shop that used to be on 17th and Walnut, but is now on 17th and Pearl? The Buffalo Exchange? There’s also one in Denver on 13th by just east of the Denver Art Museum, by City O City? Do you know it? Yeah? Well check it out…they’re donating 5 cents for every bag you refuse to 3 local causes. One of which is none other than The Basics Fund! That’s right. In other words, go by clothes and stuff at the Buffalo Exchange in Boulder, and when you do, tell them that you don’t want a bag. Instead of a bag, they will then proceed to give you a wooden token. Take the token and put it into the little box at the register that says, The Basics Fund, on it. At the end of the quarter, they will tally all of them up and give us 5 cents for each one. We have NO IDEA how much money this is going to equal out to, but it’s going to be more if more of you go there and buy more of their stuff without getting bags. So go! Stop reading this and go! Wait…no, actually there’s good stuff coming up, so read the rest and then go.

3. Welcome to the Tribe

I’d like to give a special shout out to Michael Johnston, the newest member of the BTS tribological unit. You may know him better as Director of Community Integrations, or the guy who spends his time rounding up 100s of comp tickets to shows each month. Michael has actually been with us since like June or July of last year, but for some reason, I am just now getting around to bragging about him. We found Mike at the Dumb Friends League, and he was so cute with those big cute eyes, that we just couldn’t say no. He ended up there after a several year stint managing the reservations call center at Intrawest (copper mountain), where he quickly climbed the ladder to the top, then built a few new rungs so he could climb even higher. His work at Intrawest served to cultivate his skills with numbers, budgeting, and projections, and also earned him the opportunity to receive a Six Sigma Degree in Project Management. In his time with Bus to Show, he has already set up and mastered the Community Integrations Department, which basically Integrates BTS with the Community it supports. It works to build seamless relationships with all of the venues and bands we support. It is also working to provide a channel through which other members of the community, who benefit indirectly from the reduced intoxicated driving, can donate or contribute to show their support. Each month, the CI department tallies up the contributions it received and adds them to the running score for each of our supporters. The top sponsors, are what you see in our sponsor totem, and rotating through the sidebar of the website. Oh, yeah, Mike also maintains that website…and organizes our promotions. Aside from all of that, Mike is also one of the nicest, chillest, easiest to talk to, and most enthusiastic lovers of life ever born. We are ridiculously lucky to have Mike with us. So, please, next time you run into him at a show, buy him a drink and give him a nice long back rub, and whisper something soft and breathy against his neck. Do it for me. Do it for the future.

4. The Streak is back with a brand new invention.

So, after becoming stranded in Austin during the Communikey tour, The BTS Silver Streak, under the sturdy captainship of Charlie, is back in action.  This is one of the most righteous buses in existence, 2nd only to the famed Warrior, and employing it’s same strategies, craftsmanship, and at least one of its couches.  This bus is 40 feet of pure mayhem.  A true home within the journey, soaking up a little bit of soulshine from all who ride inside, and in that way becoming its riders as they simultaneously become it.  Here’s the catch…This bus is available to Monthly members only.  TO become a monthly member, reserve here:

5.  Top Sponsors. You know who’s really been hooking it up for us this last month?  Fresh2Death, by way of  Grassroots California.  Being that GRC are badasses, and have built into their business model a generous contribution to a worthy cause for each sale, and also being that  they did the Fresh2Death hat, which was designed by one of the OG TBF/BTS crew, Eric Spector, and also being that Fisk and Samples were the ones who got to decide, THE CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION IS GOING TO THE BASICS FUND!   Huge thanks to Fresh2Death.  We love you guys!  We have loved watching you kill it on larger and larger levels, and getting individual recognition as well as group recognition…and by recognition, I mean fame, while still managing to stay completely chill awesome genuine friends.  Infinite love, y’all.   Get yer hat here (scroll down,,,look for the one with the Fresh Plaid Christmas Tree Air Freshener)

6. Upcoming Busparty Shows of Note:

Save a cowboy.  Ride a bus: – 830.299.7762 (830.2.99.PROB)

[Fri - 02/04]  The malah @ Cerventes (Den]
[fri - 02/04 & sat - 02/05]  moe @ ogden (Den]
[sat - 02/05] michael menert, project aspect @ cerv.
[fri - 02/11]  Umphrey’s @ Fillmore (den]
[Fri - 02/11 - Sun 2/13]]  furthur @ 1stbank [brmfld]
[fri - 02/11]  sub.mission > Stagga,raiden @ Cervantes
[sat - 02/12] devotchka @ Boulder Theater
[fri - 02/18] Drunk Poet Society @ astroland (boulder)
[thu - 02/24] boombox @ bluebird [den]
&  VIP social hour w/ boombox for bts Riders
[Fri - 02/25] boombox @  fox[boulder]
&  semiotic sessions  live interview w/ boombox
@ 5 PM @ room TBA (CU Boulder)
[fri - 02/25] sub.mission > High Rakin, Bare @ oriental
[sat - 02/26] boombox @ bluebird [den]
& pre-party w/ boombx @ lost lake lounge
[Sat - 02/26] woodrose @ astroland (boulder)
[sat - 02/26] ghostland w/ eskmo @ fillmore [den]
[sat - 02/26] larva ink, papadosio, heyoka @ Cerv.

Alright.   Gotta role.  The waiter at Tom’s Diner has refilled my coffee 6 times.  Umphrey’s should be finishing up over at The Fillmore in the next ten minutes.  Time to warm up the bus and crank up the PA.

Love with every chamber of this 4-chambered heart.


January 12th, 2011

Disco Biscuits & Euphonic Conceptions RE:Creation Late-Night Busparties!!

by admin

It is that time of year again where the Disco Biscuits are taking over Colorado!

Please play safe while in our beautiful state and take our safe, comfortable round trip transportation to and from the Bisco shows. We have nice coach buses this year for your riding enjoyment! Yeah, I said coach!!!!

We have discounted our rates as far as possible to make sure our service is accessible to all Bisco kids.

Want to attend the late nights? We also have shuttles for that! On the 15th we will have a bus picking up at the Office Depot after the Ogden show. Reserve your round trip seats now for only $10!!!   We will accept walk ups and 1 way trips based on space availability, so book your seat today.

As always proceeds go to benefit charity – you can now choose which charity you wish your buses proceeds go towards – look for this new drop down menu during your checkout of your reservation.

As always, we can help you put together a private bus for your whole crew if you email us at  For our full calendar of bus parties including the upcoming Furthur and SCI run, click here